Accordion Shutters: Permanent Window Protection

Accordion shutters collapse and fold like an accordion, and glide on

wheels. They are made out aluminum, like storm panels, but accordion

shutters are a little more costly because:

Accordion shutters are installed permanently. They require a

roller-carriage system/ window track, which they slide open and closed on.

Accordion shutters are permanently installed on sliding glass doors and

any style of window. Different options are available to accommodate

different size windows and doors. Each shutter can have a center lock 

(inside or outside of the shutter) that utilizes a key lock to ensure the curtains stay closed during a storm, we also using locking rods for extra security.

Heavy-Duty Aluminum
The aluminum materials that makeup accordion shutters offer exceptional protection during a storm. This metals can withstand the high winds and flying debris associated with hurricanes, protecting your home from broken glass and damage to sliding doors. 
Plus, since the shutters are permanently secured with high-strength, storm-safe framing, they stand no chance against burglary attempts and can enhance your home’s security when deployed.

Let’s not forget maintenance. Rather than spending hours setting up plywood, one person can easily slide the shutters to the center and secure them together. When not in use, your hurricane shutters can be discreetly secured to the sides of your window, blending in with your home’s exterior and ready at a moment's notice.

Our Accordion Shutters
Here at Shutter-Up , we build our own shutters using EMS Premium aluminum materials. These shutters are rated to protect your home against the strongest Category 5 hurricanes, meaning nothing will get past your defenses.

These heavy-duty aluminum alloy panels are available in four fantastic finishes, including White, Beige, Ivory, and Bronze. They also come in curved or radius track options for balconies and bay windows.

Choose from a variety of lock options, including:
Stainless steel Salt Water Lock
Push Pin
Key Lock

Looking for peace of mind before the next hurricane strikes? Allow our experts to meet with you and provide a free estimate on accordion shutters.