Storm Protection and Sleek Design

When you’re shopping for storm protection, the most important thing is, strength. As that nasty hurricane starts to brood, you want the peace of mind knowing Mother Nature is locked out tight— and that you, your family or your employees are safe against winds, rain, hail, flying debris, or anything thrown your way. 

The problem is, strong roll down shutters that meet Florida building code requirements

aren’t always the most aesthetic addition to your home or business. And as a permanently affixed storm solution, this can be a real drawback.
Here at Storm Solutions, we know both quality and aesthetic matters— which is why we choose one of the most trusted product names in hurricane protection: Eastern Metal Supply’s Bertha™ roll down shutters. 

No Storm Bars, Thanks to End Retention
Many shutter systems still have outdated vertical storm bars. These aluminum braces attach to the shutters themselves and offer additional support. This is an especially important add-on for those protecting larger spaces. But despite the extra strength, these storm bars are quite unsightly. 
Our roll down shutters don’t require these eyesores; instead, they offer special end retention. While all roll down shutters pull their collapsible slates along a track to open and close, our treatments use a series of slat lock clips, fastened by stainless steel screws to our high-strength aluminum alloys, to better secure our fixtures— without unattractive storm bars.
In addition to this innovative end retention, our roll down shutters offer a smaller bundle size than other standard roll up storm shutters; the sleeker radius of our slats allow the shutters to roll into a smaller hood, making them less noticeable when unengaged. Our tracks themselves are slimmer, yet stronger too, making our shutters more compact and more reliable.

Our Selection of Roll Down Shutters

Choose from four powder coat finishes, including:

  • White
  • Ivory
  • Beige
  • Bronze 

Bertha roll down storm shutters are Miami-Dade county compliant, as well as tested and approved for Florida building codes by the American Shutter Systems Association, the International Hurricane Protection Association and Eastern Architectural Systems. 

All our roll down shutters are available with electric motors for quiet, hassle-free opening and optional hand cranks for manual lowering and raising. 

Best of all, our self-lubricated stat locks reduce the need for extra maintenance, eliminating hassle. All we recommend is an easy annual inspection, making your shutters a near once-and-done investment for years of protection.